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Our goal is to serve as a bridge between sustainable top-notch local growers and DEVELOPED markets that appreciate cultures and the best flavors

About Us

Spice Society is a vertically integrated craft-style spice brand that inspires great cooking, and a food ingredients supplier of wholesome chili peppers, peppercorns, turmeric, and ginger. Our name embodies the culture and heritage of the land where our spices and fresh pepper fruits are grown. Spice Society LLC is the Agro-Export arm of Opa Ingredients, a well-established Food Ingredients Group in Central America. Both companies are part of Bremen Capital Group, a firm which also has a Pharmaceutical and a Consumer Goods branch. Used for many years in our own production of industrial blends and sauces, our Chili Peppers are grown in Honduras, our Peppercorns in Ecuador and our Turmeric and Ginger in Costa Rica.


We have solid partnerships with many families who work the lands, and we sponsor them by providing bilingual education to their children and youth. At Spice Society, we are committed to seeing the economies of these Latin American countries prosper and provide opportunities to many, and thus our vision is to scale our partnerships to 1,000 families in these societies.


Research & Development is core to our business, and our objective is to set up long-term relationships with our customers by securing the best raw materials for your food processing needs

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Quality Assurance

Spice Society's commitment to excellence transcends great-tasting food. We guarantee the integrity of our all-natural, GMO-free products by fostering personal relationships with our sustainable sources and growers around the tropics. We are a fair trade business that works with prime quality agricultural and food products.


The quality of our products is achieved through a careful selection of our suppliers, which help us offer customers an optimal quality-price balance.


We seek excellence in our processes by ensuring food safety and the importance of quality control. Every day we strive to adapt to the changes in food technology trends and continually improve our processes.




Spice Society brings a positive impact to the communities where it invests by providing hundreds of jobs to farmers, implementing sustainable farming practices and providing access to developed markets. 

Spice Society seeks to be a finest supplier of natural and organic tropical food ingredients to world class food producers that appreciate fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

Social Impact

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Spice Society supports several projects and activities to improve the quality of life and promote social excellence in the communities we interact with special focus on BILINGUAL EDUCATION for the kids of our partner families.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Research and Development

Our Research & Development

R&D is the engine that gives creativity, flavor, and innovation to the company, where our new developments and formulations are born, designed to meet the needs of customers and consumers. It has a team of food technologists with great technical and commercial expertise.


We have a development lab in which we carry out new formulations, duplicates or our own creations.


Our advantages are:


  • We work hard to know the taste and preferences of consumers.

  • Understanding of food industry trends.

  • We know that speed is key to your business.

  • Provide the opportunity of keeping track and adjust your food ingredient developments.

  • We are a solid and ethical business group.

  • We offer total confidentiality in your food ingredient developments.

  • The strategic geographical location of our offices to serve you promptly.

  • Our warehousing facilities allow us to be ready to supply your needs.

  • We are in constant training and evaluation of the taste preferences of the consumers of our region.


We invite you to contact us so we can develop your products with food engineering customized to your needs!.

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