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About Us

Spice Society is a vertically-integrated, sustainable agricultural platform that supplies its sister companies with wholesome chili peppers that impact entire communities. Our name embodies the culture and heritage of the land where our fruits are grown. Spice Society is the result of consciousness, ancestral Mayan heritage, a passion for the field, and appreciation for the people who work in it, as well as the vision and culture of service and constant innovation of the successful entrepreneur Rodolfo Eyl Cueva.


His company, OPA Ingredients, was the first to actively join our agricultural sustainability platform in early 2007. Currently, our model of sustainable agricultural community includes over 1000 land-owning families in Honduras, Central America, and Latin America. In a very short time, Spice Society aims to contribute to the economies of over 2,000 small Latin American farming families dedicated to growing the ingredients for OPA Ingredients' food products and its extensive portfolio of clients worldwide, as well as for Industrial de Alimentos, S.A. in Honduras, a retail sister company that uses our peppers for its delicious renowned brand, DON YAB. In short, Spice Society is the Agro Platform which not only supplies raw ingredients to Opa Ingredients and Don Yab, but also serves as a portal through which the US Market can access these companies' products and services. 


Our Chili Peppers are grown in Central America and have been used for many years in massive productions of industrial blends and sauces that are sold internationally.


We have solid partnerships with many families who work the lands. At Spice Society, we are committed to seeing the economies of these Latin American countries prosper and provide opportunities to many, and thus our vision is to scale our partnerships to 4,000 families. 


Research & Development is core to our business, and our objective is to set up long-term relationships with our customers by securing the best raw materials for their food processing needs.


Our platform connects smallholder farmers with consumers worldwide.

Our Research & Development


R&D is the engine that gives creativity, flavor, and innovation to the company, where our new developments and formulations are born, designed to meet the needs of customers and consumers. It has a team of food technologists with great technical and commercial expertise.


We have a development lab in which we carry out new formulations, duplicates or our own creations.


Our advantages are the following:


  • We work hard to know the taste and preferences of consumers.

  • Understanding of food industry trends.

  • We know that speed is key to your business.

  • Provide the opportunity of keeping track and adjust your food ingredient developments.

  • We are a solid and ethical business group.

  • We offer total confidentiality in your food ingredient developments.

  • The strategic geographical location of our offices to serve you promptly.

  • Our warehousing facilities allow us to be ready to supply your needs.

  • We are in constant training and evaluation of the taste preferences of the consumers of our region.


We invite you to contact us so we can develop your products with food engineering customized to your needs!.

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