Peppercorns from Ecuador Lands

In Partnership with True Flavors Santo Domingo de Tsáchilas, Ecuador

As an industrial spice blender, our manufacturing facilities demand high volume, absolute consistency, and the best reliability in its raw black pepper. For years we procured Piper nigrum from other places in the world until we found the best quality  pepper in Ecuador due to its pungent and bold aroma. Our partnership with True Flavor has grown strong over the years to  become their exclusive export vendor to the US and Canada.

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White Pepper Double Washed: yes
Impurities: max 0.06%
Spiral Cleaned: yes
Moisture: max 12%
Piperine: min 6%

For years our retail consumer products use Ecuadorian Pepper.
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Black, Green, Red or White 20 ft. or

40 ft. full Pepper Container Orders 

Black pepper is the most widely traded spice in the world, it is the most used spice in kitchens and has been used as traditional medicine as well. Black pepper is produced from the woody vine, Piper nigrum from the family Piperaceae.


This plant was originated in the coasts of India and now is cultivated in other tropical regions such as Vietnam, Brazil, and Ecuador. When the vine ends the flowering period, it starts producing green drupes with a single seed, and when dried they are called peppercorns. Each drupe contains a single seed. The fruits have a bright green color and eventually they ripe and become red, and measure around 5 mm (0.20 in) in diameter. The time of harvesting and the subsequent processes applied to the fruits will determine the type of pepper that will be obtained.


Green peppercorns are obtained by harvesting the drupes when still green, and they are then washed and dried. If the green peppercorns are instead cooked and dried, they become black. White peppercorns are the seeds of the ripe fruits that have been let to ferment to remove the outer flesh. The most specialty-gourmet peppercorns are red, and they are obtained by carefully drying the mature ripe fruits. All these types of peppercorns can then be ground to different sizes depending on their final use. They all contain different amount of the natural component responsible to the pungency of pepper, piperine. The heat produced by piperine is only a fraction of what chili peppers deliver, which comes from the component capsaicin.


We are more than confident that we offer you the best product from Ecuadorian lands. Our added value is reflected in our personalized customer service, as well as our efficient communications. Our facilities and staff are always willing to become an ally to your company; you are more than welcome to visit us and feel free to contact us.